5 Tips When Buying a Townhouse

Buying a townhouse might be the ideal choice if you want to own a house, but you aren’t sure if you can sustain an expansive yard. Just as you would with any other purchase, you need to consider various things before you finally decide to purchase a townhouse. Aside from the house’s architectural style, other aspects that you need to consider keenly before finalizing the deal are its crime statistics, neighborhood, schools in the area, tax rates, as well as the accessibility to public amenities.

Here are 5 tips when buying a townhouse:

1. Examine the quality of the walls.

Before buying a townhouse, it is essential that you know the qualities of the elements used in the wall construction, especially those houses that are shared with neighboring residences. In case of emergencies such as fire, does the home have a firewall to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading? Does the house have soundproof walls? Do the walls meet the recommended fire safety standards? In some cases, a person who has just acquired a home without a firewall has to pay for fire safety codes. It is recommended to avoid such extra costs.

2. Hire an agent.

Another tip to consider should be hiring an experienced buyer’s agent. Your buying agent can make or break your property buying experience. If you know the location where you want to live, you should try and get an agent referral. More than fifty percent of homebuyers found their agent through a referral or had used an agent they had worked with previously. Thus, you should start by inquiring family, friends, or co-workers who reside in your area of interest for recommendations. The agents typically work with your interests in mind, and not the sellers. It is advisable to avoid part-time or inexperienced agents as they will likely not help you much.

3. How much will you part with for the regular maintenance?

Townhouse owners who reside in most house associations regularly pay for maintenance of public facilities such as parking areas, recreational parks, as well as private roads. It is thus essential to know the amount you will be parting with every month before you decide to purchase a townhouse. Unlike tenants, homeowners cannot hold back such mandatory charges. If you fail to expense the necessary fees, the local authority may close your house.

4. Which space of the townhouse will you actually own?

If the house is part and parcel of a condominium association, then the only part that you may own is the interior. The interior carries the interior walls and everything inside it. In this case, you may not possess the driveway, the yard, and the exterior walls. Besides, you may have limited decks ownership, porches, patios, and other spaces outside the house. You should thus ask how much of the property you actually own before purchasing the home if you like decorating your house a lot – click article on what makes a townhouse.

5. Privacy

Will you have sufficient secrecy in the exterior spaces of your house? Confirm that there are walls that separate the houses. Also, examine whether the apartments comprise shared privacy screens. To ascertain total privacy, make sure that your immediate neighbor cannot directly stare at you from their houses!

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